Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in the Russian Federation
Посольство Федеративной Демократической Республики Эфиопия в Российской Федерации

Modern Ethiopia

Modern Ethiopian

Ethiopia is located in the northeastern part of Africa between the northern latitudes of 4 and 18. In the north it is bordered by Eritrea in the east to Djibouti and Somalia, on the west - and south Sudan - Kenya and Somalia. The area of Ethiopia is 1, 1 million square meters. km and its population - about 85 million people. The official naming of the country - The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It consists of nine states, in particular, Amhara, Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambella Peoples, Nations, Nationalities and ethnic groups in southern Ethiopia, Oromo, Somali, Tigray and Harer.

Ethiopia - the oldest independent country in Africa. By the I century AD traders from Greece, Rome, Persia and Egypt were quite familiar with the wealth of the country. By the first century AD, Axum was the capital of the great Axumite empire. This kingdom was the first Christian country in Africa. Later in the X century Axum was in decline, there was a new dynasty and strengthened Zagve. She came to power, making the center of the country of his kingdom, which is now known as Lalibela.

Axum, Lalibela and Gonder represent our great heritage. When at the end of the XVI century the son of the great explorer Vasco Da Gama came to Ethiopia, he found this country, once united, torn into many kingdoms and provinces in the grip of strife and war. Nevertheless, in the XIX century a modern state through the efforts of Ethiopia's great emperors Yuhannesa, Teodrosa and Menelik II.

The capital of the Federal Democratic of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa. It lived about 3 million people. This city is an important transit point and the location of the 103 foreign embassies, representative offices of international organizations including the Organization of African Unity, the Economic Commission need for Africa and others. As a major international city, Addis Ababa is well-positioned hotel industry, we will begin to "Luxe" - Sharaton, Hilton hotels and resorts to an average of hotels for tourists and business people with the relevant conditions and suitable for any budget.

Addis Ababa has to offer lovers of casino entertainment in various international clubs. There are movie theaters, where demonistriruyutsya movies in English and other languages. Theater can be seen only in large cities, but in every city you will find local bars under the name of Boone's amazing Beth (cafe), where visitors are always welcome. In hotels and tourist centers can be found with traditional folk dances.

In Ethiopia, there are many interesting and beautiful places: 9 national parks, many resorts with mineral springs (such as Sodore, Wanda, genet, Avassa, Arba Minch,), unique lakes - namely, Langano, Abai, Abiata, Zvay, Avassa , Tan, Shalla and Chamo. An unusual combination of historical, cultural and natural attractions (eight of them were declared a UNESCO World Heritage significance) was isolated as one of the country unique and attractive tourist destinations in Africa. Visit to Ethiopia is often exciting and unexpected surprise for many tourists.


The nature of Ethiopia


Ethiopia has always attracted not only for its historical sights, but also an abundance of natural resources.

The natural beauty of Ethiopia amazes the traveler, first arrived in the country. Ethiopia - a mountainous country (height 25 mountains over 4,000 feet) with spacious savannas, many lakes and rivers. A remarkable point is the unique valley that lies between the steep slopes, formed as a result of lowering the earth's crust, with lakes vulkanicheskogo origin, with its wonderful bird kingdom, steep slopes and magnificent views.

As an example of Ethiopia's natural wealth of interest for tourists, we give a summary of the main attractions.


Mountain National Park Seaman. Simensky mountain range is one of the vast mountain zones of Africa. Ras Dedzhen (4620 m) - the highest point in Ethiopia and the fourth highest peak on the African continent. Although this mountain is located near the equator, its summit covered with snow and ice, and the temprature drops below zero at night.

The National Park is divided into three ordinary botanical zone. The lower slopes are occupied acreage and pastibischa and alpine zone is covered by forests (altitude 3600 m). Currently, there is deforestation, and quite significant. At the top of the mountain meadows are located, here grow herbs such as fescue and various kinds of heath, including the giant lobelia and Hot Red Pokers.

The park was established primarily to protect various species of wild goat - Walia Ibex (Valiansky goat). It is believed that more than a thousand of these animals live in the park. In this park you can also find a family of monkeys Gelada Baboon (Baboon Geladsky) and rare simenskuyu fox (red fox Simenskaya), which, though named in honor of this mountainous region, but visitors are met it is extremely rare. All of these wild animals - endemic to Ethiopia. Amidst this splendor, and many other live animals and birds. According to official figures, more than 50 species of birds inhabit the mountains Simenskih.

Entrance to the park from Debark, which is located 101 km from Gonder, where you can hire an animal for riding and pack animals. This must be arranged in advance through your local travel agent or through the office Departmenta conservation of wildlife.



Awash National Park. In the lowlands east of Addis Ababa on both sides of the river stretches one of the most beautiful nature reserves Ethiopia - Avashsky National Park. Awash River, one of the major rivers of the Horn of Africa, irrigates farmland in northern Ethiopia, and then flows into the semi-desert Danakl Depreyshn. An impressive waterfall Avashsky in the place where the river as it stumbles, and is entered in the narrow gorge - an amazing spectacle worthy of the attention of the national park visitors. Awash National Park and the nearby extinct volcano Fantalov - Preserve the arid and semi-arid woodland and savannah, the stretch along the river Awash coastal forests. In this park there forty-six animal species, including the oryx. This area abounds with feathered, especially along rivers and around lakes Basaka. Among the 392 species of birds zeregistrirovannyh identified five species of endemic birds. The park is particularly attractive amazingly clear waters of hot springs Filvoha.

The park is accessible from the main road in Addis Ababa. At the edge of the gorge houses scattered light collected from the material of plant origin (special kinds of herbaceous plants). This is known as a haven naming Kerey Lodge.


Omo National Park. It - very beautiful National Park of Ethiopia. It covers an area of 4068 square kilometers, bordered by the Omo River. Park - a kind of house a wide variety of animals, birds and fish. There are 306 species of birds. Here one can see herds of antelope Kayes, and see buffalo, elephants, giraffes, cheetah, lion, leopard, zebra burchel. The park is remote: it can be approached through the Omorate and ferry to the northern bank of the river. The administrative center of the park is located 75 km from the settlement Kibish. However, at present the airstrip near the camp site convenient to the river Muli. Began planning work for the further improvement of basic services.


Mago National Park, raspolazhenny on both banks of the Omo River in an area of 2162 sq km, in fact, has no conditions for the reception of tourists. In the vast grasslands of the park herds of buffalo, giraffes, elephants and kudu - vintorogovyh antelope. Sometimes you can see lion, leopard and zebra burchel. Avian world is represented in abundance - species of birds typical of the arid zone of meadows and river banks. The park rises to the north to Mount Mago (2528 m). It is home to 56 species of mammals.

Gambella National Park, located in the west region has the appropriate conditions to serve tourists. But it is unique in size footprint with an abundance of marshes and humid climate prevails. The area of the park - this is mainly grassland and wooded savanna. It is home to many species of animals and birds that are more typical of the Sudan than Ethiopia. Wetlands and the river Baro attract a large number of birds, many of which are migratory. The park entrance is located in the town of Gambella.


National Park Yangudi-Russ. In this park there are no conditions for the reception of tourists. However, its meadows are excellent pasture for cattle Somali wild asses, are in danger of extinction, Grevy zebras, baboons and oryx. The park stretches along both sides of the road in Addis Ababa-Assab. Its area is 4730 sq. km. This - the dry semi-desert shrubs. Entrance to the park in the city Gevane: it is located and the administration of the park.


Bale National Park. Bale extensive mountain park, with its heather cover is located on the eastern plateau. Its open spaces are a favorite habitat of the mountain simenskoy fox. This national park - one of the most beautiful places in Ethiopia because of its virgin forests, mountain streams and almost alpine climate.


National Park region-Shalla Lakes Abiata. National Park HYDRATED Rift Valley lakes located south of Addis Ababa at a distance of 215 km. This is - a paradise for bird watchers. Quite naturally, in the park with two lakes, blizlezhischimi from each other, is dominated by water birds. It reported 150 different species of birds, including the large white pelicans, flamingos, large and small, and the sacred ibis. In the forests there are endemic species of birds.


National Park Nech Sar. Boundless plains with grass Nech Sar National Park are located south of Addis Ababa at a distance of 510 km, near the town of Arba Minch between the lakes and the Abay Chamo. Various types of plain game roam freely on the savannah area of 514 sq km of scrub and dry forests, where the subsoil is saturated with water. The park has 188 species of birds registred. In the eastern part of the park with a gurgle their way to the surface hot springs. And the hills and mountains bordering the edge of the park give Nech Sarah picturesque view, which distinguishes it from other parks in Ethiopia. Guests can be accommodated in Wendy genet, Arba Minch, and Awas, there are places in the camp and the town park.


Sof Omar Cave. This is very impressive and extensive network of underground caves. In the past, Wabi River, changing its direction of flow, whipped its waters in the foothills of the layers izvestnikovyh a new direction.

Today the cave is an important Islamic shrine. It got its name in honor of Sheikh Sof Omar who has found his refuge here many centuries ago. This is a long religious history of nezapamyatntyh times, from which we separated the Millennium occurred before the advent of the Muslims in Bale.


Blue Nile Falls (Falls Tisisat)

Nile - longest river in Africa. It flows for 800 km on the territory of Ethiopia. Blue Nile, known as Abbay in Ethiopia, originates from Lake Tana and, overcoming the distance is 800 miles, its waters upon the earth of this country before the meeting in Khartoum on the White Nile, which merged to form the great river, the life of Egypt and daruyuschuyu Sudan. The share of the Blue Nile accounts for about 80% of the flow of waters of the river Nile. The most magnificent sight in the Nile is the place where his rumbling of water rushing through the rapids near the town of Bahir Dar, forming waterfalls Tisisat, which literally means "smoking water". Here millions of halon water cascading through the cliffs and rush into a narrow gorge, creating a magnificent rainbow. This - one of the sights in Africa, causing the greatest awe.

To get to the waterfalls of the Blue Nile can be fairly easily from Bahir Dar, and contemplate the beauty of the picturesque valley of the river can be on a tour of the capital, which is located at a distance of 225 km from the valley.


Ethiopian Valley "Rift"


Valley of the "Rift" Ethiopia, formed as a result of lowering the earth's crust, is located between the steep cliffs. It represents only part of the famous Valley of East Africa, which abound in hot springs, beautiful lakes and various kinds of wildlife. This valley was formed as a result of two shifts of the earth's crust, between which in distant geological epoch settled the land, as discharges under the blows of the earth's crust has lost its former strength.


Lakes of Ethiopia


Ethiopia is often referred to as the "water tower" of Eastern Africa because of the many rivers and rushing streams with its high plateau. Along the valley of Ethiopia in its entirety across the country runs a chain of seven lakes. Each lake has its own characteristics and features as habitat, all the conditions for the life of many species of fauna and flora, contributing to this transformation of this land into a beautiful and exotic tourist residence.

Most of the lakes is suitable and safe for swimming, a number of lakes used for water sports. A lake Abiata and Shalla are both ideal for bird watching. Most of the lake the valley is not entirely used for tourist purposes. The exception is Lake Langano, which is built on the banks of the hotels for tourists. In the valley there are numerous natural hot springs. Chemical composition of hot springs is highly valued because of their medicinal properties, but they also have not received wide application. So, having the beautiful lakes, numerous hot springs, warm and pleasant climate, and different kinds of wildlife, the Rift Valley is one of the most ideal areas for the development of international tourism.


Lake Tana is Ethiopia's largest lake and source znaminitogo Blue Nile. It was strewn with 37 islands, which have found refuge picturesque churches and monasteries, the base of some of them belong to the 13th century. However, it should be noted that many of the religious brotherhoods are closed to women. The most interesting islands are Brigid Mary, Degas Estifanus, December, Nagra, Tana Cherkos, Mitsele Fasiledes, Kerbala and Debre Maryam.


The main monastery, visited by male tourists, the monastery is Kebrana Gabriel, the building is reminiscent of the impressive cathedral: its base is the end of the XVII century. Tourists go to the monastery of Bahir Dar. The monastery Estefanos Degas, which also did not admit women, is located on an island in the lake. To him is steep and winding path. Although the monastery church is relatively new (it just only 100 years), there is an icon of Our Lady, written in the XV century. But the treasury of the monastery, attention, are the remains of several emperors, their clothes and various accessories.

The vast majority of fraternities religznyh found refuge on the shores of the lake. These include the monasteries of Ura Kidane and Mihret and Nagra Selassie. They also do not allow women to attend them.

In the northern part of the lake, near Gorgory, is the palace of the dynasty Sasneyosov. It is a kind of forerunner of the magnificent palaces and castles of Gondar, dates from the era of the reign of the calculus of emperors Sasneyosov. As can be seen around the medieval church of Debre Sina Mariam, which is of special significance.

Walk around the lake with a sailing vessel or boat gives guests a great pleasure, especially in the summer heat. Boats can be rented in Bahir Dar in the agency of water transport.

Along the shores of the lake inhabited by birds. This is - the perfect place for bird watching as for local residents and visitors.

Lovers of birds do not wish to miss the opportunity to visit the island Fasilidas, which is known for its humid climate. Species endemic and migratory birds are represented in a wide range in the region of Lake Tana and Blue Nile Gorge. The abundance of the inhabitants of the rocky cliffs, coastal forests and on islands with humid climate makes us confident that many other (still unidentified) of these representatives must be found here.


Sports entertainment travel

Activities in Ethiopia is designed for those who like to spend days outdoors and very active doing something enjoyable, namely -

  1. walk;
  2. mountain climbing;
  3. caving;
  4. fishing;
  5. Riding on a pony;
  6. camping;
  7. swimming;
  8. water sports and more.

Ethiopia - a country for those who like spending free time outdoors. Opportunity to enjoy various sporting attractions, taking part in them, makes holiday in Ethiopia in the real fun.


Some sporting events, provide relaxation, rest after work, preceded by a tour of Ethiopia. All in all, are they - interlude. Others on the contrary, the decisive factor when choosing a tour to Ethiopia. In a remote area, where activities are related to risk, you need to take a local guide. In national parks guides and rangers accompany the team making the big transition.


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